What We're Up To

The goal of this website, and the organization behind it, is to foster relationships among musicians and music fans in their local communities to build vibrant local music scenes. Not that long ago, almost all of the music we heard was selected by record companies, promoted over the radio and sold in record stores. Someone else decided what entered the marketplace and what we ultimately listened to. But the Internet changed all of that. Once musicians could bypass that supply chain, they could get their music out directly to the masses where it could be discovered and find a place in our lives. No longer under the control of a corporate marketplace, we are now free to create our own homebrewed music.

Music is collaborative in nature. And it is often the product of a local music scene that shaped it. Throughout musical history there have been locales that bred their own unique forms - Memphis, London, New Orleans, Seattle - leaving their mark on the music and in turn being transformed by it. We offer this website as a tool for you to use to promote your music and build your musical communities so that we will all be the richer for it.

This project, at least for the forseeable future, will be non-profit. In fact it has already cost me considerable money and will likely continue to do so. If this moves you to buy me a beer the next time you see me I will accept it graciously. More importantly I ask that you put these tools to use and help spread the word.